May 13, 2016

Laser Engraving Comes to BRC

BRC is happy to announce that a 2D laser engraver has been acquired. Engravings are produced directly from high-resolutions image of the originals, while the originals themselves are never manipulated in the process.

The adoption of this new technology in our library's conservation procedures will help expand the ways in which we preserve the original rare and delicate works in our collections. Through this method, we can make strong and lasting copies that may be shown in our library to guests, or in exhibitions to our patrons, members, and visitors.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura's Signature, "Nityashrivad," bestowing eternal blessings
Maha Mantra in Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura's own handwriting

May 10, 2016

A Photo Collection in Remembrance of Srila Krishna Das Kaviraj Gosvami's disappearance day

The BRC Manuscripts Mission Team visited Jhamatpur, the birthplace of Srila Krishna Das Kaviraj Gosvami this year(2016.) Here are some photos:

The manuscript which is said to have been written in the Gosvami's own handwriting

Bhajan Kutir of Srila Krishna Das Kaviraj Gosvami

Gopalji said to have been worshipped by him

deities with their pujari at Jhamatpur

remnants of the padukas of Srila Krishna Das Kaviraj Gosvami

May 5, 2016

Sri Advaitacharya's Descendents Donate Rare Vaisnava Manuscripts to BRC

BRC was blessed recently by a generous donation of a very special collection of over 40 rare manuscripts. They were given by Sri M K Goswami family of Bangalore, originally from Shantipur. They are direct descendants from Sri Advaitacarya (17th generation.)

This donation of very precious and rare Vaisnava manuscripts included Govinda Lilamrita by Ragunath Bhatta Goswami, Padyavali of Rupa Goswami, Stavavali of Ragunath das Goswami, and complete manuscripts of Chaitanya Charitamrita on handmade paper. They are in good to excellent condition. 

The collection was gifted in memory of Sri Nanda Gopala Goswami and Nirmalya Rani Goswami, Mr. Goswami's revered parents. 

After a tour of the BRC facility and library, Mr. Goswami was extremely satisfied that he had made a good decision to place his manuscripts in our care. “A great spiritual feeling was accrued after visiting the library,” he wrote in the guest book.

Sriman M. K. Goswami and his wife, Srimati Priti Rekha Goswami