March 27, 2017

Bhale Bharath Award of Excellence conferred to BRC

Bhale Bharath, a non-religious socio-cultural mission based in Bangalore, recently conferred the Bhale Bharath Award of Excellence to Bhaktivedanta Research Centre on the 15th of March, 2017 at Seshadripuram College, Bangalore.

BRC was honored for its outstanding contribution in the preservation and dissemination of ancient Indian Cosmology, Vedic Wisdom and Vaishnavism. Sriman Gangadas Prabhu received the award behalf of BRC.
During the interactive session, Sriman Gangadas Prabhu explained the mission of BRC and its activities and he has invited the students and researchers to visit BRC.

We’re grateful for the nomination from the Indian Science Monitor team led by Dr. T.K. Rajan.

March 1, 2017

Manuscript Mission Update, February, 2017

BRC Manuscripts Mission team has recently finished their latest project in Chinsura Kisorpragatisangha Sahar Granthagar, a 100-year-old library in the Hoogli district of West Bengal. It is maintained by Kishor Prayati Sanga.

Chinsura Kisorpragatisangha Sahar Granthagar Librarian, Roma Das with her assistant Kamalika Dey.
It was an especially fruitful undertaking for our team as an extensive collection of Vaishnava manuscripts was uncovered, cataloged, and digitized. It was the first time they had found an entire manuscript collection solely related to Gaudiya Vaishnava philosophy. 

"In all of West Bengal, we have not found anything else like this," said Smt. Bharati Roy, BRC's Archivist and Assistant Librarian.

Over 100 manuscripts were digitized there. These photos show the condition of the manuscripts collection there before we arrived and after:

The Manuscripts Mission Team has also recently taken up surveying the various collections at Chinsuraha District Central Library:

Prasenjit Purokayastha, Librarian at Chinsuraha District Central Library