March 25, 2012

Specialised Preservations Begin on Nadia Prakash

After consulting experts in the field of historical preservation, we have decided on the best method of preserving particularly delicate publications. It involves paper lamination as an effort to arrest their deterioration and to enable us to handle them without causing any damage.

In March 2012 we initiated this program, beginning with Nadia Prakash.

A special acid-free tissue is applied both sides of the document, with a thicker half-inch gutter that can be used for binding. The tissue is pasted down with water soluble glue so that the process can be reversed easily if need be. Paper lamination extends the life of the document by at least 50 years.

Because the lamination tissue is opaque the text becomes somewhat obscured. However, despite this, our new Bookeye scanner produces clear, easily readable images at 600 DPI.

Our goal this year is to laminate at least 30 bound volumes of Nadia Prakash as well as multiple volumes of the other periodicals — Sajjana-toshani, Harmonist, Gaudiya, and Bhagavat.

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