July 25, 2016

The M.K. Goswami Family Continues Their Generosity

BRC continues to be extremely grateful to Sri M.K. Goswami and his wife, Srimati Priti Rekha Goswami of Bangalore for their donations of rare Vaisnava texts. In February of this year, they entrusted over 40 rare manuscripts to BRC. Their generosity continued this past May when they donated a rare and sought-afterl set of Srimad Bhagavatam, called the “Murshidabad Edition,” a publication that was sponsored by the then King of Tripura.

As previously mentioned, the Goswami family has the distinction of belonging to the 17th generation of Sri Advaitacharya's direct lineage. May their selflessness inspire other families to share their endangered sacred texts with BRC so that we can help make them available to future generations.

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