November 1, 2016

Manuscripts Mission Report, November, 2016

We are happy to report that BRC Manuscripts Mission Team successfully completed the huge task of identifying, cataloging and digitizing many important manuscripts in 3 different libraries of the Howrah district including Maju, Makardaha, and Mohiary Public Libraries.  

Maju public Library: 150 manuscripts were cataloged and 22 were digitized.

Makardaha Saraswat Library: 347 manuscripts cataloged, 40 digitized.

Mohiary Public Library: 461 manuscripts cataloged, 51 digitized.

Mohiwary Library

 Srimati Bharati Roy, BRC Librarian and Field Archivist sent this report:

"We have finished the cataloging and digitization work in the Mohiwari Library of Howrah. Here we have found many varieties of manuscripts and digitized many. Among the more rare and precious manuscripts were the Mahabharata by Kasiram dasa in Bengali (many parvas) and Candimangala of Kavikankana Mukundaram Cakravarti. We have never found these elsewhere in West Bengal."

Although the team is very anxious to continue their service in more libraries, BRC lacks the funds for them to continue. We need your help now! Every day one of a kind manuscripts are being lost– sometimes they are destroyed by neglect, or out of ignorance, those who don't know their value simply throw them away. Our team wants to do their best to preserve these for future generations of Vaisnavas and Vedic scholars. There is no time to waste. Please give today!

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