November 5, 2016

Update From BRC Publications Department

Our publication department is in the foundation stages where we have set up the workflow and established priorities about what we will publish first. 

We are in the process of selecting qualified colonial Bengali translators, editors and proofreaders.  We're communicating with senior professors & scholars from well known Kolkata universities and scholastic Institutions. We have been working closely with them to set up our translating, editing & proofreading requirements.

We are very excited at BRC Publication to have access to these amazing books and manuscripts which we can now print and publish for the pleasure of our dear members and patrons.

We would also encourage our members to closely be a part of this amazing addition to BRC. Members can now donate towards the publication house and eternally become a part of each of our book productions. As Srila Prabhupada had said:

- submitted by Pushti Devi Dasi, BRC Publications Department

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